Images: A look inside Windows Vista beta

Images: A look inside Windows Vista beta

Summary: Testers have been dissecting the beta version of Microsoft's next big OS since late July. Here's a look at some of the features you might end up using.


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  • Windows Vista makes it easy to associate keywords, authors, and ratings on the fly to almost any file. Every time you open a new file, save it to disk, or even drag and drop it into a new folder, you have the opportunity to change the metadata. Metadata is important to Windows search, allowing you to find and access files that might otherwise become lost on your hard drive.

  • Although Windows Vista won't include the much-touted Windows File Structure (WinFS), it will still allow you to think outside the box. With Windows Vista, you'll be able to organize files into virtual stacks--based on author, keywords, or ratings--without physically moving the files on your hard drive. For those of us who still remember DOS, this will take some getting used to, but for those who embrace this new concept, the possibilities become endless.

  • Thumbnail images aren't limited to graphics. Here, files marked for deletion are clearly visible, reducing the chance you'll make a mistake and delete the wrong file. For more, read our First Take of Windows Vista Beta 1.

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