Images: A look inside Windows Vista beta

Images: A look inside Windows Vista beta

Summary: Testers have been dissecting the beta version of Microsoft's next big OS since late July. Here's a look at some of the features you might end up using.


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  • An important security change within Vista will be a shift away from the Adminstrator as default. Every user will need to create an account, and those needing Administrator access will need to log in separately. Currently, the default user is Administrator, and this has allowed criminal hackers to attempt to take remote control of Windows XP machines.

  • The new control panel groups familiar tools for easier access. Vista uses a Web-like directory structure, with the main category in bold, and the individual tools listed below.

  • If you long for familiar screens, such as those of Windows XP, they're still there within Vista. Here's the "classic" Control Panel. Note how much more detail about each task is available in this updated view.

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