Images: A moon shot on the way to Mars

Images: A moon shot on the way to Mars

Summary: NASA hands out assignments for the man-on-the-moon Constellation project, to be followed by a mission to Mars.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • Rocket science

    The Mississippi-based Stennis Space Center will test the rockets for Project Constellation. The first engine to be tested will be the J-2X, which will power the upper stage of the Crew Launch Vehicle. Here a small engine is being tested at Stennis.

  • Shuttle engine

    Want to work on the shuttle engine? It's a little more involved than tinkering under the hood of a vintage Mustang.

  • Heat testing

    NASA's Ames Research Center, at Moffet Field, Calif., will be responsible for the thermal protection systems and information technology for Project Constellation. Ames will be developing the heat shield and aeroshell for the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). Here's more about the Ames facility.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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