Images: Aibo, Gort join Robot Hall of Fame

Images: Aibo, Gort join Robot Hall of Fame

Summary: Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science pays homage to Sony's robot pup and several movie robots.

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  • Aibo

    Aibo may have outlived its usefulness for Sony, but its contributions to robotics have made a lasting impression. The four-legged mechanical pup, which has played many a game of robo-soccer, is one of the five new inductees to the Robot Hall of Fame at Carnegie Mellon University. The inductees were named late Wednesday; the induction ceremony will take place June 21.

    "The Aibo has evolved to be a robust, fully programmable robot with perception, onboard computing and great four-legged motion," Manuela Veloso, a computer science professor who leads Carnegie Mellon's RoboCup soccer teams, said in a statement.

    Alas, belt-tightening at Sony forced the company earlier this year to dispense with its robotics unit.

  • Gort

    The Robot Hall of Fame pays homage to fictional robots as well as real-world ones. Among the 2006 inductees is Gort, the strong-but-silent android from the 1951 film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still."

    "Gort was a reaction to a world mired in post-Holocaust existential relativism, to belief in definable concepts of 'good and evil' and other societal and moral dictums," Don Marinelli, director of the Entertainment Technology Center, said in a statement.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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