Images: California dreamin' for concept cars

Images: California dreamin' for concept cars

Summary: A design contest at the Greater LA Auto Show brings out the best--or is it the weirdest?--in vehicular imagination.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Maybach's California Gourmet Tourer

    For the Design Los Angeles automobile designers conference, taking place in conjunction with the Greater LA Auto Show, studio designers hit the drawing boards to conjure up a vehicle for an "LA adventure" to reflect activities for which Southern California is renowned.

    Maybach's entry, the California Gourmet Tourer, features refrigeration, espresso machine, microwave, wine rack, food preparation area, recycler and foldout tables--along with GPS software to do the chauffering while passengers ride and dine.

  • GMC Pad

    The GMC Pad--"an urban loft with mobility," in the company's pitch to the design judges--features a diesel-electric hybrid system that powers the wheels for getting around and the onboard systems for just hanging out.

    It may look like a Frankensteinian combination of an inchworm and a garden shed, but on Thursday the judges awarded it first place.

Topic: Hardware

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