Images: Colors of the cryosphere

Images: Colors of the cryosphere

Summary: Geophysicists gathered for annual meeting take a satellite tour of Earth's frozen assets.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • Sea ice

    The sea ice around Antarctica on Sept. 27, 2004, as measured by QuikSCAT.

  • Meltwater

    This image, taken by Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on Jan. 31, 2002, shows meltwater starting to form on the Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf prior to its collapse.

  • Sea ice concentration

    A look at the minimum sea ice concentration for September 2004 using data from the SSM/I sensor.

    In addition, the red line indicates the average minimum extent of sea ice for September, derived from the average of monthly data between October 1978 and September 2002.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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