Images: Depicting the Web's 'collective consciousness'

Images: Depicting the Web's 'collective consciousness'

Summary: SwarmSketch enlists the masses to build online artwork on topics that bubble up from the Web itself.

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  • SwarmSketch: Faces of Meth

    The Web site provides an online easel to people across the globe. It is meant to tap the Web's "collective consciousness"--any number of people can join in on a drawing, and each contributor can add only a small amount to each sketch per visit. Ideas for drawings also percolate up from the Internet; the site, begun by University of Canberra student Peter Edmunds, randomly chooses a popular search term to determine each week's artistic subject.

    The "Faces of Meth" sketch, pictured here, is one of Edmunds' favorites, according to an article in the New York Times. "I have no idea how 1,200 people agreed that the face should be looking into the distance at three-quarter perspective," he told the Times.

  • SwarmSketch: Xbox 360

    The SwarmSketch site keeps up with some of the trendier tech news, including the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console. The drawing deviates from the concave shape of the actual Xbox.

  • SwarmSketch: Segway

    This drawing of the Segway scooter does capture the upright aspect of the two-wheeler, and adds a hat on the rider for whimsy's sake.

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