Images: EFF cracks printer tracking code

Images: EFF cracks printer tracking code

Summary: It was recently discovered that many printers put a code on every document it prints. Now we know what it says.

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  • printer code

    Sleuths from the Electronic Frontier Foundation have analyzed a tracking code that's printed on every page produced by a Xerox Docucolor 12 laser printer. Many printer manufacturers embed code to give the Secret Service a tool to track counterfeiters, although it can easily be used for other purposes.

    The tracking code is printed in tiny yellow dots which are generally not visibile by the naked eye under white light. Under blue light and magnified, the yellow dots appear black.

  • yellow dots

    This is what the dots look like under 60x magnification photographed by a Digital Blue QX5 computer microscope.

Topic: Hardware

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  • RE: Images: EFF cracks printer tracking code

    I think this is a good idea. Makes ransom notes etc. easier to trace.