Images: Finding 'Lost' clues on the Net

Images: Finding 'Lost' clues on the Net

Summary: A marketing mix of mystery and real-life activities helps keep the buzz around popular show "Lost" at a fever pitch.

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  • Map of "Lost" island

    A map of the "Lost" island, shown in the background of the Oceanic Airlines site and subsequently passed around the Net by fans. This version has been sharpened and posted by Mike Hanttula.

  • Oceanic Airlines

    The site for Oceanic Airlines, the fictional airline that operated the "Lost" plane. The site is filled with "Easter Eggs," starting with pleading messages from survivors in the site's code.

  • Mega Lotto Jackpot

    The site for the "Mega Lotto Jackpot," where "Lost" character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes supposedly won $114 million, uses a series of mysterious numbers integral to the show's tangled plot.

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