Images: Follow the bouncing data at the U.S. Open

Images: Follow the bouncing data at the U.S. Open

Summary: Here's a look at some of the IBM technology behind the scenes at the U.S. Open.


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  • IBM will close out its 16th season running the U.S. Open's technology infrastructure. During that time, IBM has evolved from a Web-less infrastructure to one shuttles data around in real-time via service oriented architecture. Here's a look at the technology behind the U.S. Open. Follow the bouncing data.

  • Data from the U.S. Open flows from umpire calls and real-time scoring to video and statistics. This information is mashed up for consumer, player and media use. In many respects, the data flow at the U.S. Open begins with this handheld that is decidedly retro. Using custom Linux software and a Symbol handheld umpires keep score and shuttle the information to a scoring command center.

Topics: Virtualization, Software Development

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