Images: Lunar landing contest

Images: Lunar landing contest

Summary: The X Prize Foundation and NASA open a contest with $2.5 million in prizes to build the best lunar lander.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • X Prize contest

    The X Prize Foundation and NASA have launched the $2.5 million Lunar Lander Challenge to build a better spacecraft and boost plans for a manned return trip to the moon.

    There will actually be two competitions that will simulate takeoff and landing on the moon. In the easier one, vehicles will lift off to 150 feet above the ground and hover for 90 seconds before landing on an smooth surface 100 meters away. In the second competition, the vehicles are required to lift off 150 feet above the ground, hover for 180 seconds and land 100 meters away in an area that is similar to the rocky lunar surface.

  • Lunar Landing Research Vehicle

    The Lunar Lander Challenge is part of NASA's Centennial Challenges, a program designed to promote technology innovation supporting the U.S. space program.

    For the original Apollo program, NASA researchers first built and tested the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (left), which was called the "flying bedstead," in 1964.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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