Images: Lunar landing contest

Images: Lunar landing contest

Summary: The X Prize Foundation and NASA open a contest with $2.5 million in prizes to build the best lunar lander.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • return

    This concept drawing of a lunar lander helps NASA illustrate how it plans to return humans to the moon.

  • SpaceShipOne

    On May 5, 1996, to celebrate the anniversary of Alan Sheppard's suborbital flight, the X Prize Foundation announced the Anseri X Prize, $10 million for the first private team to build and fly a spacecraft capable of carrying three people 100km above the earth and then repeating the flight within two weeks. A team headed by aerospace designer Burt Rutan and financier Paul Allen built SpaceShipOne, which won the prize on Oct. 4, 2004. Pilot Mike Melvill celebrates the victory.

  • The Space Tourist

    The X Prize Foundation has already produced many interesting designs. "The Space Tourist" was designed by Discraft Corporation.

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Topic: Nasa / Space

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