Images: Mashups with celebrity hooks

Images: Mashups with celebrity hooks

Summary: Fans create mashup Web sites that dig into the arcana of their favorite TV shows, movies and celebrities.

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  • idol tracker

    The Idol Tracker mashup lets fans click on the name of their favorite "American Idol" contestant to view a photo and get more information. The site also tracks where the contestant's fan base is.

  • Seinfeld mashup

    The Geography of Seinfeld mashup features a map of New York City and links to key filming locations in the city, such as Jerry's apartment, Yankee Stadium and Roosevelt Hospital, where Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a Junior Mint into a patient during surgery.

  • Jacktracker

    The Jacktracker mashup pinpoints on a map of Los Angeles the key spots for action in the TV show "24," including routes driven, photos of the area and notes on scenes in the show.

Topic: Health

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