Images: Netscape gets behind the 8.0 ball

Images: Netscape gets behind the 8.0 ball

Summary: Netscape's new browser tries to mix the best features of Firefox and Internet Explorer in one package.

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  • Netscape lets the user customize his settings for individual pages--telling the browser, for example, to remember that he trusts a particular site. The user can also select Firefox or Internet Explorer as a backup browser, in case the site doesn't render properly in Netscape.

  • Not all of the enhancements are security related. In a nod to the many choices surfers have for search, the Netscape toolbar offers a field that lets people enter a search term, then choose which search engine they want to use.

  • The Netscape toolbar tells a user automatically whether an RSS feed is available from the site he or she is visiting. The surfer can then click the RSS icon to add the feed to the browser toolbar.

Topic: Browser

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