Images: Safari a welcome addition to Windows

Images: Safari a welcome addition to Windows

Summary: Safari 3 comes to Windows and it brings just enough features to make the browser wars interesting.


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  • Apple has launched Safari for Windows and like iTunes it's likely to show some early traction. Bottom line: The browser race just got a little more interesting. Overall, Safari does seem quicker. Click to zoom.

  • Preferences resemble the previous version of Safari. The ability to easily swap default browsers is handy.

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  • Color?

    I just LOVE (sarcasm) the drab, gray color. You would think that a company that prides itself on graphics capability would at LEAST use a color. YEECH!
  • safari

    the program is faster than I.E. but how do you retrive email
    and to import bookmarks from I.E. it takes more time than
    one click

  • Importing bookmarks

    I too didn't see an option ( or setup question ) about importing my bookmarks, did I miss somthing?
  • Doesn't Work in Vista

    Well, the Apple site says it's for XP and Vista... but I have installed it with all the features and it will not load. I guess that's why they call it a beta 3 and announce it to the world to try it!
    • Safary

      Installed yesterday on Vista Home Premium and worked fine from the start. Sure is faster that IE7 and Firefox 2.
      • Vista Enterprise

        Well, at least it works on the home version.... I'm on Vista Enterprise.
    • Betas Rarely Work Properly! ;)

      Especially when installed on what amounts to a Rolling Beta like Vista! Vista lasted for all of 2months. Now it's history on my machines, new or not. The true RC version will be out when they release SP1! hehe

      But quite frankly I use most other browsers and find Opera to be the best overall. With Firefox second and IE not even in the same race. I think IE7 is actually competing with MSN Browser which I found to be rubbish!
  • Safari

    To me Safari is great! I have no problems with it,and I have Vista Home Premium.Easy to use too.
  • Safari - First Impression

    I am running Windows XP SP2.
    I just download the Public Beta 3 and installed.
    Upon starting the browser I could see all of the locations to pick/enter etc. but nothing was functioning.
    I rebooted, same thing.

    First impression, I'm going back to Firefox and will wait for fellow techies to rave about it until I try it again.
    • Firefox vs Safari

      I've used both safari (not on windows) and Firefox, and I overall like firefox more than Safari. I preferred both over IE7, however...
      • Firefox vs Safari

        Agreed - I only use IE when a system has code that is not totally supported by Firefox.
  • Safari

    I had the same problem with my download - could not see function bar .
  • Plugins feature

    I guess you haven't noticed Firefox's About:Plugins or Opera's Opera:Plugins (or practically every other modern browser's, of which this is a carbon copy). Even Internet Explorer has the Manage Add-ons dialog, which offers a great deal more control and ease of use than Safari's page.
  • Ho Bloody Hum.

    Installed it, tried it on a few favourite sites and seat of my pants at least says that Safari Beta 3 is not as fast as Firefox; it's noticeably slower!
    Am I missing something ? Do we need another browser ? Do we need Quicktime baggage infecting our machines ?
    Thanks for the offer guys but, pass here.

    Clockwork Computer
  • usefull for web developers

    better testing of websites for safari, as it is now possible to run it on windows. If you've got nothing with the apple you'd never tested this before ..

    Would be even more interesting if apple did a version for linux too, hey when there doing that they can do an 'helix' like thing for <b>quicktime</b> too! Would be @#$% time for that!!

    are you listening apple! ;)
  • RE: Full Screen Display

    Firefox 3.0(b3) defaults to full screen. This might seem like a minor feature, but not if you are using a 24" screen. Safari opens to a half the button and you get a 10" display.

    Speed seems about the same with both browsers.