Images: SpaceShipTwo--your ticket to space

Images: SpaceShipTwo--your ticket to space

Summary: Virgin Galactic prepares to take passengers to the edge of space. This is one flight you don't want to buckle your seat belt.

TOPICS: Telcos

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  • Richard Branson

    On September 25, 2004, Sir Richard Branson announced a deal to create Virgin Galactic, a company to license the technology of SpaceShipOne to take passengers into sub-orbital flights. Among the backers are Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and space engineer Burt Rutan

  • Nieman Marcus

    Can't find the right holiday gift? In its Christmas catalogue, Nieman Marcus is selling a SpaceShipTwo space flight package for six--for $1,764,000.

    There is one way to book a free flight--with frequent flyer miles. Allen Watts plans to cash in 2 million miles accumulated through Virgin Atlantic's Frequent Flyer Club for a chance to ride in space.

  • SpaceShipOne-SpaceShipTwo

    Here's a size comparison of SpaceShipOne, which has made four successful suborbital flights, and SpaceShipTwo which is currently in development. SpaceShipTwo will hold six passengers and two pilots.

Topic: Telcos

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