Images: Super Bowl stadiums revealed

Images: Super Bowl stadiums revealed

Summary: So, geek, did you score? Or get sacked? Let's have a look.


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  • Gillette Stadium

    OK, you guessing geeks, remember we asked you to match one of the teams in the following list of Bowl winners to one of the pictured stadiums? So how'd you do? Did you score? Or get sacked?

    Recall that we noted that any given stadium represented is, in all but one case, the current home of the listed team, not necessarily the venue the team occupied during the year(s) it won the big game.

    Here, again, is the list of past Bowl winners, followed by the original caption for each stadium, and the answer.

    Bet you won't do as well as you did with the tech HQs. Nerds.

    Baltimore Ravens
    Chicago Bears
    Dallas Cowboys
    Denver Broncos
    Green Bay Packers
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Los Angeles Raiders
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    New York Giants
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    St. Louis Rams
    San Francisco 49ers
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Washington Redskins

    A lighthouse motif leads fans through the main entrance of this facility, which has been the site of many a close shave for its home team. (Obviously it was still under construction when this photo was taken.)

    Answer: The bad pun should've given you a clue. The facility is Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. The Pats lost Super Bowls 20 and 31, and won numbers 36, 38 and 39. In the 2003-04 season, that of Super Bowl 38, nine of their wins were by eight points or less.

  • Invesco Field at Mile High

    The shape of this stadium may give a clue as to its main tenant. Then again, it may not.

    Who plays/ed here? Is/was it the: Ravens, Bears, Broncos, Packers, Chiefs, L.A. Raiders, Dolphins, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Oakland Raiders, Steelers, St. Louis Rams, 49ers, Buccaneers or Redskins?

    Answer: The Denver Broncos call Invesco Field at Mile High their home. The stadium is quite clearly in the shape of a horseshoe, once you know it's in the shape of a horseshoe. And if that weren't enough, there's a gigantic Broncos logo emblazoned on the seats (though we zoomed out to try to obscure it). The Broncs lost Bowls 12, 21, 22 and 24 but redeemed themselves by whinnying numbers 32 and 33. (Yes, yes, another bad pun, but let's don't be neighsayers, OK?)

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