Images: Testing Microsoft's Experimental Platform

Images: Testing Microsoft's Experimental Platform

Summary: A Microsoft team wants to take as much of the guesswork out of project planning as possible.


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  • The Microsoft Experimentation Platform wants to take decision making from the Hippo (highest paid person's opinion) and take the guesswork out of project planning. The goal of General Manager Ronny Kohavi is to build a system that would map user activities using machine-learning algorithms. Rather than make changes on the run, ask your customers first.

    Read Mary Jo Foley's interview with Ronny Kohavi.

  • Measuring the success of a concept should be simple according to this diagram. Take two versions to test, a control--usually the live version, and the treatment which is usually the new idea. Then you simply collect the data and analyze.

    Following is from a white paper from Microsoft Experimentation Platform: Practical Guide to controlled experiments on the Web: Listen to your customers not the Hippo.

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  • MSFT product design!!

    I know this is not related to the subject but MSFT's seriously needs to hire product designers and good ones at that.
  • Product design or product consensus?

    Imagine Rodin giving questionaires to his friends: "A- Should The Thinker lean to the left?" B- "Should The Thinker lean to the right?" C- "None of these answers?" D- "What would you suggest he does?"

    My point is it's always nice to enroll as many people to make something great, but real masterpieces, stuff that makes the world evolve, are more often crafted by loners with huge talent and an acute vision for what people want and how they want it.

    Maybe that's why Apple has always been better at this game than MS, even though MS products are often superior and the result of more collective efforts.
  • RE: Feedback C (Images: Testing Microsoft's Experimental Platform)

    I think Google's App Engine emblem is cute and appropoe while HIPO is "cutzie" and a stretched acronym. My experience with AI apps and people is that the people object to thinking "inside" the box.
  • RE: Feedback C (Images: Testing Microsoft's Experimental Platform)

    This looks similar to the A:B testing approach which eBay, Amazon and Google have been doing forever.
  • RE: Feedback C (Images: Testing Microsoft's Experimental Platform)

    If MS were truly listening to the customer, they wouldn't be terminating XP.
    Jack Fuller
    • Use the Vista Roll back to XP

      XP was not liked at first but was better than ME and soon became accepted. I too would like to buy a PC next year with XP SP3! At work they have Win2000 Pro/XP-pro pcs why can they not just let the Vista/XP roll back pcs continue? Maybe they are! So Buy a Vista and click/insert on,"roll me back to XP".
      Vista has yet to be liked for two reasons one not much changed from XP and you needed double the ram and new drives made with the new way by microsoft and updated drives just did not cut it or worked poorly. Thus Vista looks to be on the outs like "ME" was and be replaced in 1-2 years.
      I think that Microsoft wants to not support XP for 10+ more years. So they are ditching it a year or three sooner. (they tried this with 98 and bet things change)
      At least Microsoft does NOT expect you to buy a Microsoft made and manufactured PC like Apple does. Not looking for a fight just the simple things is, Microsoft is big and wants to live and be the top 1-2 for many years. but they let anyone make the pc and others try to out do them before they buy them out for millions. Is Apple open source? Look at Google and Yahoo and Open office.