Images: The 21st-century taxicab

Images: The 21st-century taxicab

Summary: New York's taxis don't have to be retrofitted sedans from Detroit. They might even be designed for the passenger's benefit.

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  • about the project

    Bye-bye, Crown Victoria. Hello...? That's the question posed by a project called "Designing the Taxi," which seeks a 21st-century overhaul of New York's taxicabs. The nonprofit group Design Trust for Public Space asked the taxi industry, taxi regulators and design shops to rethink the iconic vehicles from the passenger's perspective, and proposals have been on display at Parsons School of Design, in an exhibit that ends Sunday.

  • indea for interior

    In this design, a passenger in the backseat has more to look at than a copy of the cabbie's hackney license. Other ideas for the inside of the taxi include a built-in baby seat. New York taxis will celebrate their centennial in 2007.

  • exterior lights

    On the exterior, lights give a better indication of whether the cab is in service, and whether the passenger is stepping out into traffic. The Design Trust sees the taxicab not just as a vehicle, but as a public space.

Topic: Tech Industry

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