Images: Touring MSN Virtual Earth

Images: Touring MSN Virtual Earth

Summary: MSN Virtual Earth takes on Google Maps with its new satellite mapping tool.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space, Google

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  • To find a satellite image of a location on MSN's Virtual Earth, you type the name and location in the proper boxes. Then, you can zoom in to the location--but make sure you keep track of its number. MSN adds street names and names of popular locations. Within hours Google responded by adding names to Google Maps (image 8).

  • MSN claims to answer the age-old question, "Where am I?" After you download the Locate Me software, you must click on the tab. The software tracks the location of your IP address to find you.

  • In our test of the Locate Me feature, zooming in simply pointed to the name of our city--not a specific address.

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Topics: Nasa / Space, Google

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