Inside the Commodore Pet 2001 vintage computer

Inside the Commodore Pet 2001 vintage computer

Summary: The Commodore PET 2001 was the first fully integrated computer from Commodore. Erik Klein, vintage computer collector and Webmaster of, takes you inside the Commodore PET 2001.

TOPICS: Hardware, CXO

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  • This is a Personal Electronic Transactor model 2001-8. It has 8K of RAM and runs great. Notice the slight modification made to the machine. The red button on the front controls a small electric fan mounted above the motherboard. These original PETs ran warm and some of the components didn't like that much. I suspect that this was a fairly common modification.

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  • The majority of the PET line had a tilt-up body with the monitor and keyboard mounted in the top half and the computer in the bottom. Notice the fan at the back. It was added in the aforementioned modification.

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  • It's always nice to have documentation for your classic systems. This machine came with tons. The previous owner was obviously a pack-rat (I love that type of computer owner) and kept pretty much everything, including the upper half of the warrantee document.

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Topics: Hardware, CXO

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