iOS 6: Hands-on walkthrough

iOS 6: Hands-on walkthrough

Summary: Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC in June. Set for a final release in July, here's what you can expect to see in the next-generation mobile operating system.


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  • When you drop a pin or search for a location, you can see its address along with a satellite overlay. All of the features in the older versions of Maps are still there, with a few new ones.

  • Satellite navigation-maker TomTom now provides direction data. Suggested routes will offered, but users can often select more than one. Depending on traffic, the suggested route may change. Siri is also integrated into Maps to enable "eyes free" support so users can drive and not be distracted by a glowing screen.

  • Once the driving directions kick off, it's clear to see where the user needs to go. At the top of the screen, the next direction guides the driver. Users can also jump into the overview mode to see how far along they are into their journey.

Topic: Operating Systems

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  • OS6

    will the 4S be an automatic update?
    • Unlike te dispoable phones...

      Cough, cough, Nokia, the currently shipping iPhones will get this upgrade. That is the real difference, Aple wants to keep everyone current, while some other Mega Corps only say they want to keep everyone current. Apple sells a device, while the other Mega Corp sells license stickers. Giving "free upgrades" reduces the number of paid license stickers. Why give the customer a free upgrade when you can charge them a fee?
      Jumpin Jack Flash
  • innovativeMotor>

    NOW it's Real ROBOT........