iPad 3 rumors come to life: We rate them here

iPad 3 rumors come to life: We rate them here

Summary: Update: We originally did this gallery over a week ago. Here's an update with a brand new set of rumors to herald or squash.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • UPDATE: We originally published this gallery of features that are rumored to be included in Apple's new iPad 3 last week. But how things have changed. Little has been confirmed yet there are more rumors to deal with. We polished up our crystal ball to give you odds on how much of a chance each rumor has to become true.

    Even Newer Rumors:

    CNET: New iPads, Apple TV boxes to share 'A5' chip

    iPad 3 set to launch with 4G LTE

    iPad 3: One more thing

    Apple's iPad 3 (HD) launch: 6 things to watch

    CNET: Next iPad will be the iPad HD, not the iPad 3

    Sorry our Magic 8 Ball is recharging and can't keep up with these late comers.

    A China-based blog called M.I.C. Gadget claims to have gotten their hands on an iPad 3 and have shot a video of it. Above are screenshots of the alleged iPad 3, which is said to be almost identical to the iPad 2 except with new features such as Siri added. Below is a comparison of the size of the iPad 3 with the iPad 2. They say the iPad 3 is slightly larger.

    Do you think this is a real iPad 3?

  • Apple has sent out an invitation to the press for an event on March 7 on top of a photo that could only be an iPad. From this photo some people don't believe there will be a home button in the new iPad.

    This is one of the more prevalent rumors, and it takes two forms. The first is that the new iPads won't have any Home button at all, taking after the Kindle Fire. The second is that the iPads won't have a physical Home button, but there will still be a touch-sensitive "special place" on the bevel you touch to go home.

    The Magic 8 Ball: The Magic 8 Ball reads, "Don't count on it". Actually, the Magic 8 Ball gets all tingly about the idea of a touch-sensitive "special place," but that's because it doesn't get out too often. As for the idea of no Home button at all, well, it's probably the most common ding against the Kindle Fire. Windows 8's lack of Start button is ticking off almost all reviewers. And, as we now know, a lack of Home button means all sorts of hacky UI mods, so, sure, there's a good design option. Not.

  • It'll be called the iPad HD

    Now this is a fun rumor. Apple generally has some pretty consistent naming conventions, except once in a while they bust a move with something new and interesting, like the MacBook Air.

    The Magic 8 Ball: The Magic 8 Ball reads, "Cannot predict now". Actually, unless Apple releases an iPad that's got a 16x9 screen, it's unlikely it'll be called the iPad HD. .

    Although, if Apple follows its recent naming pattern (iPhone 3G followed by 3GS, iPhone 4 followed by iPhone 4S), the iPad 2 might well be followed by the iPad 2S. Granted the iPhone 4S was a nice bump from the iPhone 4, but it wasn't a 5, dang it!

    We don't even know for sure if there will be a new iPad at all, but that certainly won't stop us. It could be an iPad 3, it could be an iPad 2S, who knows?

    The Magic 8 Ball: The Magic 8 Ball reads, "Reply hazy, try again". This one's a bit hard to read, but if we were going to bet, we'd bet on iPad 3. Why? Because no one likes the "S" models.

Topics: iPad, Mobility


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • No Siri For iPad

    Sorry, but I think you are wrong about Siri. Siri is dependant on an always on web connection. Since the iPad comes in both wifi-only and 3g flavors, I don't see this being added to the iPad much the same as it is not available for the iPod Touch.

    I could be wrong...happend once or twice ;)
    • The iPod Touch uses the A4 processor, not the A5.

      Because the A5 SoC includes special noise canceling circuitry while the A4 does not, the A4 was deemed incompatible with Siri.
    • Siri for IPAD

      Siri is available for the iPOD Touch, but it does not work very well. It works for some voice commands but not for others. For example, when I told it to play certian songs from my playlist it got the wrong one almost every time. If it does not work any better on the iPAD 3, Apple would be better off not to make it available for that platform.
    • Re:Siri

      Uh.. Both Wifi and 3G ARE web connectors?! There are other speech to text apps that work on the iPad such as Dragon Dictation, Vlingo, etc., so whats the difference? And with iMessage and FaceTime you can 'call' and text with other iPhone users...
  • Wow !!!

    Apple is no 1 :) Thanks for information useful

  • ipad 3 name

    people are getting the name wrong. Apple is naming some of it`s products with the s at the end because the phone hasn`t changed. First was the iphone 3gs and now the iphone 4s. The s at the end stands for speed. Bassicaly what happens is that iphone 3g had designs "a". When the new iphone 3gs came out they knew that so logically why would you give a diferent name to a phone that has the same design as the previous one, you don`t, you keep the name but add an s at the end to diferenciate`it form the previous one(and the s has it`s logic because iphone 3gs and iphone 4s where/are phones that are 2 times faster than the previous models with the same design eg. iphone 3g and iphone 4). The name iphone 4 is not random, it comes from the 4`th iphone launched. When the next iphone will come out IT WILL NOT BE NAMED IPHONE 5 as people tend to think but iphone 6 or iphone 4ss if the design is the same. Same thing in ipad 3. It will either be ipad 3 or ipad 2s with the same design as ipad 2 and nex year we will se ipad 4. Simple :)
    • update

      the iphone 4ss as i said earlier is just an example to make my point .. it`s not the name i think it will have if the design remains
  • It will be interesting to revisit this list in Mid-March

    And see how you did.
  • Why? Because no one likes the "S" models.

    You said, "Why? Because no one likes the "S" models.".

    Interesting, I guess that means that the iPhone 4S shouldn't be selling, right?
  • Android basically had Siri since it Launched.

    People who own anything but an ipod/phone are Apple lemmings and deserve to buy the overpriced/under-powered garbage they so endlessly crave.
    • No it hasn't

      Siri is more than voice recognition. It is 'natural language' interpretation. That's actually huge. I don't have an iPhone 4s, I have an Android. I use voice commands all the time on my Android and I have experimented with Siri on a friend's iPhone. Siri is much easier to use for those who don't speak in boolean search phrases. BIG difference.
  • Great toy for the kids

    Ok, so its faster and smaller, but can I do some actual revenue generating work with it? I want a tablet with the same flexibility as a laptop (seeing as they are more expensive than laptops). Something that allows me to transfer files easily, lets me download more than 20MB on 3G and allows me to run IDEs so I can build apps on it. I'm not interested in spending hundreds just to play Angry Birds and read facebook status updates. It is expected that devices become smaller and faster with each successive version. If that's all they have to boast about then they will surely lose the tablet wars.
    • So buy your laptop

      Really these comments are SO tiring. If the tool doesn't do what you need, then buy a tool that does. Simple. It's not like you don't have options (as you yourself point out). I think by now we are all aware of the differences. Let it go already.
      • Great hardware that apple bottlenecks with its restrictions

        I own a Mac and an iPhone and love them both. I think the iPad is an exceptional piece of hardware with a design that kicks ass on the other tablets. Its just a shame that Apple has placed such unwarranted restrictions on such a powerful device. Its ok to do that with the iPhone because no one is expecting to do too much on a small device. I've seen a lot of complaints about the iPad but none concerning its size or processor speeds. Was hoping they would address those concerns but instead they went for the default option of presenting better hardware, which is something the component manufacturer's engineers would've done anyway, not Apple's. Just makes me wonder, with an annual profit that is greater than the GDP of Greece you'd think they could cut us some slack and lessen the restrictions. Make it less like iPhone and more like a Mac plsss!
  • Just a couple of thoughts

    On names: iPad Pro (especially if they are targeting enterprise customers); iPad Air (if the form factor is new and "cool", or they've done someting neat with Macbook commonality).

    Maybe, its not an iPad 2 follow-on, but an iPod Touch upgrade to a 7-8" form factor, retina display, and kindle fire compatible price?

    16:9 aspect ratio would be a mistake -- good for video, but lousy for replacing 8.5x11 paper documents (which are close to 4:3).
  • This made a good argument why not to buy...

    I am not an ipad fan by anymenas but after reading this article it made a very good impression on why not to buy this thing since it will be lacking and overpriced with probvably a 4G version six months for now.. that would be a great option to allow android or windows on it thought and make it an almost usable device then.
  • Some OK, some dumb

    - Changing the Apple dock connector is barking mad - still nursing a grudge after the last change and have an iPod HiFi that does not power modern iPhones/iPod Touches. It's become a defacto standard, by the sheer numbers sold. The only sense in changing it would be to follow either of the other 2 standards of Micro USB, or the Kindle/Blackberry wierd one - neither have any real benefit to apple or customers.
    - 7" iPad Jr would be an easy slam-dunk
    - Siri would be useful, but should work on iPad 2/iPhone 4 and iPod Touch G4 - all really have enough grunt.
    - Battery life easy

    My suggestions
    - Why no mention of stereo speakers on the unit this is brain-numbingly simple.
    - For 'one more thing' Apple buy Sennheiser or Sound Magic and stop contaminating the environment with wholly useless shite headphones.

    - For Microsoft, a guerilla version of Windows 8 WOA for iPad would be a wheeze, and a rooters delight.