iPad apps to run Windows (or other OSes) on the tablet

iPad apps to run Windows (or other OSes) on the tablet

Summary: The iPad is good for many things, and with these apps it can run Windows and other OSes.


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  • OnLive Desktop brings a remote Windows desktop to the iPad, without the requirement of a remote system. It uses a remote desktop provided by OnLive that includes full versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

    Free, with a Plus option that provides priority access and adds Internet Explorer web browsing.

    See the full review by James Kendrick of ZDNet Mobile News

  • Mac users have long used Parallels Desktop to run various OSes in virtual machines on their Macs. Parallels Mobile lets those with virtual machines set up run them from the iPad. The operation is as smooth as butter and opens up the iPad to a nuber of OSes that can be accessed from the tablet.

    $4.99, requires Parallels Desktop on a Mac for access

  • Splashtop HD is a complete remote desktop program for the iPad. It allows remote control of Windows PCs and Macs from the iPad, with a touch interface. It turns any Mac or PC into a full touch system on the iPad. Audio/video streaming works particularly well in Splashtop.

    $4.99, requires a Mac or PC with Splashtop Streamer (free)

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  • Don't Forget PocketCloud?

    Hope this was just an oversight as their iPad/iPhone apps works well for accomplishing remote functions as well. Easy to setup and use and fun to showoff to friends.
  • jerzypapa@gmail.com

    And another one: OnLive Desktop. Works extremely well.

    • C'mon now

      It was the third one listed! Jeeze!!!
  • The best RDP/VNC app I've found for the iPad is Jump

  • If IOs is so good, why does everyone......

    Want to run Windows programs? Being able to run Windows on a Mac seems self-defeating, if the ads about Macs being better are to believed. And, DoJ, why can't I run IOs on a Windows machine if I can run Windows on a Mac? Sounds like a monopolistic situation to me. But then I could never understand Macs enough to maintain them for my mom. Couldn't find lost e-mail or files. They're so simple only a child can use them.
    • monopolistic?

      How can you be monopolistic without having a monopoly? Are you suggesting that iOS is a monopoly? iOS is an EMBEDDED OS. Windows is a DESKTOP OS. As such MS licenses Windows to run on a variety of hardware. They don't care, as long as you buy it. As for why run windows on a mac, every software package is not available on both platforms. I run windows on my mac to run a specialty application my company requires. I also run Quicken.
      As far as simplistic, it only appears so. Just under the surface is a fully functional unix environment. As far as Onlive goes, I hate the fact that they changes to windows server without the touch pack ...