iPad apps to show off the new Retina Display

iPad apps to show off the new Retina Display

Summary: The new iPad has the highest resolution of any tablet. The Retina Display (2048 x 1536) can be shown off to best effect by these apps, including some fantastic new games. Don't miss the video demos!


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  • Normally a music program wouldn't be on a list of visual apps, but Apple has optimized GarageBand to take full advantage of the Retina Display. It is a full featured music creation tool that looks really good.

    $4.99 in iTunes

  • The Autodesk folks have created SketchBook Ink, a sophisticated drawing program that really pops on the Retina Display. It is designed for both the casual artist and the pro alike. In the short video below an artist creates a stunning work of art at the iPad launch event.

    Price TBD by Autodesk

  • Major game producers will be updating graphics in existing iPad games to take advantage of the Retina Display, and EA has committed to do so for the outstanding Mass Effect Infiltrator game. This is already one of the best graphic examples on the older iPad, and should be stunning with updated graphics. This should be coming soon in an update.

    $6.99 on iTunes

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  • iPhotos $4.99!!!

    For those of us who have purchased several image apps for the iPad, or for any other platform, $4.99 is once again an incredible bargain.

    I thought the $4.99 I originally paid for garageband was a super deal, and now Apple delivers bang for the buck once again.
    • You think $4.99 is too much??

      Someone gave my comment a thumbs-down??!! It must be someone who thinks $4.99 is too much to pay for an image app. Perhaps they've never purchased Adobe Photoshop? Perhaps they have purchased Photoshop and haven't done the math between five bucks and five hundred bucks.

      ((Then again, perhaps they just don't like Apple. Those folks are known not to have very good logic when it comes to value for money.)) LOL
  • iPhoto a must buy at $4.99!!!

    I am a user of Adobe Photoshop on my PC. iPhoto does all of the essential editing that I do with Photoshop with such ease that it is mind boggling. This is an extremely great app! This app at $4.99 is a steal.
  • Buy an IPAD3 for games?

    These are weak games that pale in comparison to anything found on an XBOX, PC or PS3. Wake up public, Apple is todays AOL. Treat everyone like a monkey and control the user experience.
    • No comparison to XBox 360

      I have to agree. You are comparing games with little complexity as an equivalent to an XBox or PC? Not even close. Notice how they carefully word it...has more memory and graphics resolution than an XBox. That is true, but...so what. Now, let's talk processing power, game control, Kinect, multi-player gaming, etc. Crickets....
  • game

    i pad will never be an xbox or ps3
    preferred user
  • "i pad will never be an xbox or ps3"

    True - you can carry it around in one hand.
    • It will also never be a Humvee.

      I've never been able to carry a Humvee in one hand.

      I can, however, carry a hammer in one hand.

      Oops! I forget, what were we talking about?
  • Games?

    The iPad plays games?
    Oh, I forget that some people use a computer for games.
    Other people use it for serious stuff.
    Still others use it for important stuff.
    The rest of us use it for our work.

    I forget to some folks a computer is just a toy to play games on.
  • im sold

    on dungeons and sky gamblers alone
  • Eh.

    Really, all the games are just alike. Story line, difficulties, (time wasted). How about really advancing. Just throwing this out there too. Seems like every time a new windows, or apple product comes out, there is a this big hype. Over what? Nothing dramatically new. Its just pushed out product that is fan boy hyped and when you open the box it is rigged to throw acidic salt in your face. So I say let them put there money where there mouth is.