iPhone microscopes and telescopes

iPhone microscopes and telescopes

Summary: Take microscopic shots and capture the stars. Create awesome images with your iPhone and these lenses.

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  • These add-ons will turn your iPhone into a microscope or a telescope. Take detailed images, or snap far away stars with these lenses. View your world through fish eye or wide angle lenses and support them with your customised tripod. if you have your own telescope, use the adaptor to take shots of the moon with your iPhone. All credits: Amazon

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    Camera lens with LED light For iPhone 4/4S. 60x magnification, 2 LEDs, UV light.




  • 100 x magnification lens with telescopic zoom function and focus dial for iPhone 4.

  • Magnetic 180 degree fish eye (0.28x) lens for iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Nano 4 and iPad. Also compatible with any phone camera with lens smaller than 9.5mm.

    Fish-eye lens 180 degree angle. Detachable magnetic ring adhesive to your phone and lens attaches to phone via magnetic ring.

Topic: iPhone

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  • Identification?

    There's no manufacture or parts numbers listed.. Please include those or it's just a random, not very useful, listing.. Thx.
  • Quality??

    The quality of the pictures in this gallery are not good. Is that what we can expect from these lens?
  • Where's "the telescope" and who makes it?

    Unless you identify the products it's pretty useless info.
  • Ufo's

    Maybe we can see UFO's. LOL
  • Waste of time since no sources mentioned...could just be fluff!

    The writer should not be compensated for this article as it does not inform and only frustrates.
  • Useless

    I don't think these products exist!
  • Useless

    I don't think these products exist!
  • Let's try a little before being so critical

    As the article states, the devices are from Amamzon. A 10 second search brought up all of the devices.

    Let's try a little before spouting off.
  • seems to work

    My brother-in-law bought the hard case and zoom lens, seems to work well, and was cheap, so he said. He bought it off and auction site in NZ.
    So I found this article interesting and informative :-)