iPhone/iOS 5 battery saver tips

iPhone/iOS 5 battery saver tips

Summary: Everyone wishes they could get more out of the battery built into their iPhone or iPad. Apple has set up the operating system with convenience in mind, and some of these settings don't necessarily give the best battery life possible. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to help you squeeze more out of each charge. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do.


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  • Drop the screen brightness

    One of the easiest ways to improve battery life on the iPhone is to drop the screen brightness. When I updated my iPhone 4 from iOS 4 to iOS 5, Apple jacked the brightness up to an unnecessary ’supernova’ level. Unless I’m outdoors, I usually keep my screen pretty dim.

    Settings > Brightness

  • Auto-Lock the screen

    Another tip that makes a big difference is to lock the screen after a short interval. This helps conserve battery life because it turns the screen off when your handset is not in use. Set it to go off after a minute or two.

    Settings > General > Auto-Lock

  • Selectively turn off/on radios - WiFi

    If you don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth or 3G, turn off the radios!

    Settings > WiFi

    While you’re here, disable Ask to Join Networks unless you use this feature often (just turn it on when you need to find a new network).

Topic: Wi-Fi

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