Jawbone Jambox rocks the tunes and the conference calls

Jawbone Jambox rocks the tunes and the conference calls

Summary: There are plenty of wireless speaker solutions out there, but the Jambox from Jawbone really sets the bar with a small size and big sound that blew me away. Is this little speaker worth the $199.99?


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  • There are three buttons on top of the Jambox that let you control volume and status information. They are rubberized and easy to press and use.

  • There is a power button, 3.5mm headset jack, and microUSB port on one end. All the business is done on this side of the Jambox.

  • Two cable sizes with labels on the cables so you know they go with the Jambox unit.

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  • RE: Jawbone Jambox rocks the tunes and the conference calls

    Man, that is a lot of packaging (trees) and a lot of cables.
  • RE: Jawbone Jambox rocks the tunes and the conference calls

    i really do not get the flood of comments regarding super sound from jawbone jambox.. i do not find it to sound all that impressive( are my ears broken???) i tested one at a local best buy store. it was connected to a demo feed they were playing on it so i pulled the feed plug and paired it to my phone thinking it was just a bad sounding recording. well unless there was something actually wrong with that particular jambox... i was lees motivated than ever to 200.00 for something that was way hyped up but sounded like poop!!!! i asked the bestbuy drone working that dept. and he was all smilely and said yeah man this thing pops!!!!! well it sounds like it flops!!! i tried my samsung galaxy and blackberry curve...all the same BAD SOUND!!! Please someone correct me and prove to me i should go and invest 200.00 in this little box of mystery