Jolicloud revamps Linux OS for netbooks (gallery)

Jolicloud revamps Linux OS for netbooks (gallery)

Summary: Over the last week, Jolicloud started rolling out the first complete version of its Netbook-centric Linux distribution to existing users.


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  • The app store, which contains more than 700 apps at launch, is organized into various categories. Installing an app — web, Linux or Windows — requires only hitting the 'add' button.

    Although the pre-final versions of Jolicloud also had an app store, this function has been given a major revamp for version 1.0.

  • The idea is to let various Jolicloud users see each other's profiles and what apps they are using. Apps can then be commented upon, and people can see how popular each app is.

    Jolicloud is intended as a social Linux distribution; this shot shows the author's profile.

  • It runs comfortably and quickly using the Wine wrapper — a technique that the user doesn't have to think about, as the app starts up in the same way as a Linux or web app.

    Spotify is a good example of a Windows app that can be downloaded from the Jolicloud app store.

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