Last minute gifts for the student in your life

Last minute gifts for the student in your life

Summary: Reflecting on my time at University, there are certain gadgets that I would have dearly loved to own for their own sake, or would have been downright useful. Here is a collection of ten gifts to help your student survive University.

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  • This is probably more useful to the camping and backpacking types among us -- but what student hasn't been part of a 'I'm not washing up the dishes any more' saga?

    This lightweight 'Spork' works as a combination of knife, fork and spoon in one.

    Purely as a means to eat when one of your housemates has pinched all your entire cutlery collection and everything left in the sink has unidentifiable stains or slime on it, you can keep your spork in your room for use in such emergencies.


    (Source: Amazon)

  • I thought this 'Ice Breaker' pack was an incredible idea. If you look at University forums they are full of tips and things you 'must' bring -- so why not compile some of these ideas in to one gift pack?

    Some of the items in this pack would certainly come in useful for a student -- such as a pack of cards, a shot glass and door stop. Some I find slightly confusing, such as the 5-foot high inflatable banana. But as a way to start talking it would be slightly more original than 'do you want a cup of tea?' whilst sitting awkwardly on the end of a bed, grasping for conversation starters.

    Of course, it does contain one of the most useful items a student could want. A bottle opener.

    (Source: Student Gift Packs)

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  • RE: Last minute gifts for the student in your life

    [i]Perhaps it will save you some time on writing up your exam notes, or come in handy for those who write better by hand than typing straight on to a computer.[/i]

    I would like to see this mythical creature. The only way I can see this being true is if you're still hunt & pecking.

    And on that note, if you're allowed a computer in class, I'd go for it and Word over a dictaphone. I used one in my ethics class, and honestly, it's more hassle than it's worth.