Last minute gifts for the student in your life

Last minute gifts for the student in your life

Summary: Reflecting on my time at University, there are certain gadgets that I would have dearly loved to own for their own sake, or would have been downright useful. Here is a collection of ten gifts to help your student survive University.

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  • A Dictaphone, like this Olympus VN-510, should be on every student wish list.

    Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize how much easier these devices could make life whilst trying to either keep up with rapidly-talking lecturers, or struggling to stay awake after a heavy night or two.

    The Olympus model boasts a 512 MB memory, and lets you store up to 300 hours of digital voice recordings. It also works  for up to 39 hours on a single battery charge.


    (Source: Pix Mania)

  • The PowerMat Wireless Charge Pad connects to devices such as your iPhone or MP3 player, to enable you to charge everything without the need for wires.

    It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and only generates energy when a device is placed on it. Apart from making life a lot easier and taking out the need to keep switching ports or plugs, I also liked the fact it is a greener option for keeping devices charged.

    It comes with 8 tips: Mini USB, Apple iPhone/iPod, Micro USB, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, LG, Sony PSP and Samsung.


    (Source:Mobile Fun)

  • There's nothing more annoying than when you're out and in the middle of a call -- just for your battery to die on you. Especially now, with smartphones dominating the mobile market.

    This Veho 'Smartstick' has five different adaptor tips and can be used to charge a variety of mobile devices. These devices include the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and other devices that use mini or micro USB ports.


    (Source: Firebox)

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  • RE: Last minute gifts for the student in your life

    [i]Perhaps it will save you some time on writing up your exam notes, or come in handy for those who write better by hand than typing straight on to a computer.[/i]

    I would like to see this mythical creature. The only way I can see this being true is if you're still hunt & pecking.

    And on that note, if you're allowed a computer in class, I'd go for it and Word over a dictaphone. I used one in my ethics class, and honestly, it's more hassle than it's worth.