Lenovo's laptop shock

Lenovo's laptop shock

Summary: Lenovo's new ThinkPad Z-series laptops have a magnesium alloy frame that acts as a shock absorber.

TOPICS: Lenovo, Hardware, Laptops

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  • Lenovo's new ThinkPad Z-series laptops come with an option for a champagne-colored titanium casing. A magnesium alloy frame inside the notebook acts as a shock absorber to help protect interior components if the machine is dropped. The laptops are expected to be available beginning next month.

  • Lenovo's chairman, Yuanqing Yang, left, and its vice president of marketing, Philippe Davy, discussed the company's first ever 14-inch and 15-inch wide-screen laptops during a press event on Sept. 13.

Topics: Lenovo, Hardware, Laptops

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