Leopard - Installed!

Leopard - Installed!

Summary: A walk-through of the Max OS X 10.5 upgrade process - start off with Tiger, end up with a Leopard!


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  • The very long license agreement ... yawn ...

  • Selecting the installation destination.

  • Drive chosen - install is ready to continue.

Topic: Apple

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  • Nice upgrade...

    When I upgraded XPHome to Vista Premium...3 hours on a 3.2ghz machine. So an hour or less on a Mac...Nice. Can't wait to do it.

    The info screens you're complaining about...they've been there since OSX first shipped. Apple always wants to know more about their demographic. Microsoft could use that...oh wait...business people only...That's right Macs are built for fun :) unless of course you're gaming. OH wait!!! I can take my mac and reboot it with bootcamp and run windows and use games too. Oh well, PC is out the door! But I guess a pc can...oh it doesn't run MacOSX...too bad.

    Leopard is sweet. Played with it at the launch in Phoenix. Fast, smooth, it works as demo'd which is nice. Can't wait to use it in real world non-apple-store pristine environment. That shuold be in a day or so when I have a few mins to do the upgrade. 45 mins...could be a nice lunch or walk to Starbucks and chat with some friends.

    And I can take the heat from the PC side or the Mac side since I use both and my iMac is happy sitting next to my 22" HD display attached to my PC. They both serve their purposes.

    Good article, and yes always backup all or some of what you don't wish to lose. In the end with my Vista "upgrade" I was forced to format my drive, it locked up at 3.5 hours. So on the reboot, I formatted my drive and let it do the full install. Took almost 2 hours. So 5.5 hours wasted time, and now the computer is happily running Windows XP HOME once again. Compatibility with NVIDIA Nforce is an issue Microsoft & Nvidia

    Michael Murdock, CEO
    DocMurdock - Internet Business Consulting
  • why the dark photos of the screen?

    doesn't Apple's new wonder operating system feature a screen capture utility??? Even your hated Vista has one of those !!!
    Paul Fletcher
    • probably not accessable during an upgrade.

      yes they do, but probably can't use any o/s utilities during an upgrade.
  • RE: Transforming a Tiger into a Leopard! (Leopard - Installed!)

    Wow!! I have just been having all kinds of problems
    upgrading to Leopard in my PowerBook G4. When I
    went onto the Mac users chat sight. Others were
    having the same problem ( password is not accepted
    after upgrade).

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I'm going nuts
  • Screen Capture

    As far as I know you can't do screen captures during system installs. Once everything is installed then you can go nuts.