Looking back at Microsoft Access Easter Eggs

Looking back at Microsoft Access Easter Eggs

Summary: Microsoft’s developers hid Easter Eggs in Access 95/97/2000


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  • If you've been using computers for a while, you know that an Easter Egg is a small program that is hidden deep inside of an application and is designed by the application's developers as a way of displaying their names -- very similar to the credits that you see at the end of a movie. However, uncovering the Easter Egg is tricky as it almost always involves performing a series of very intricate and non-intuitive steps.

    Microsoft now officially bans Eater Eggs as part of their Trustworthy Computing initiative. But before that mandate, Microsoft's developers used to go to great lengths to secretly embed Easter Eggs into their products.

    While the developers for other Microsoft Office products created some really elaborate Easter Eggs, the developers for Access didn't really push the envelope. I suppose that could indicate that the Access developers were a more serious bunch. Anyway, in this gallery I'll show you the Easter Eggs that they embedded into Access 95, 97, and 2000.
  • The first Easter Egg in Access 95 is a Magic Eight Ball that works just like the old Mattel fortune-telling toy.

    To access it, you begin by opening any database in Microsoft Access, select the Macros tab, and click New.

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