Mac malware in the wild

Mac malware in the wild

Summary: Want proof that the bad guys are starting to target Mac users? Take a look at this series of screens, which show an attempt to convince a user to install a fake antivirus program that has a nasty payload


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Topics: Malware, Apple, Hardware, Security

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  • RE: Mac malware in the wild

    No, not possible, no virus for Macs, just ask any idiot Apple fanboi, they'll tell you. (Prediction: This thread is about to become full of just such posts.)
    • Sorry, but you're wrong

      Apple users do NOT believe their machines are invulnerable. However, I've been waiting for my Mac to become infected since May 1986.
      Laraine Anne Barker
      • Ya, almost as long as I have been waiting on my PC to become infected.

        @Laraine Anne Barker
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        @Laraine Anne Barker I agree 100%, I waiting since 2006. @Cayble I believe your PC have protection software, that is way you still waiting :-p
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        @Laraine Anne Barker
        I've been virus free on my PCs for that long. My home system uses no Antivirus or firewall. So what?
      • Well, look what we have here

        @Laraine Anne Barker I'm really really starting to love this year. First off, it proved to the Linux fanboys that their OS is just as vulnerable as any other man-made OS, then I began seeing the fanboys (including <b>...Your Linux Advocate</b>) confess that.

        Now, 2011 is finally doing the same to the Mactards; as we can see here, they are starting to confess that their Macs aren't immune to Malware :p

        Guess that noobish OS privilege line is finally fading :D Keep it up 2011, there are still tonnes of noobs out there who still have yet to see the truth ;)
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        I've used Macs since 1997 and have never had a problem. I have used Intego Internet Security for about 4 years as the Mac market grows, so does the probability of malware. I also didn't like receiving virii emails or virii attachments from friends using one of the OS flavors from MightySoft (pun intended), because these could be forwarded (manually or remotely) to others using a MightySoft OS-->INFECTED.<br><br>A few years back, an unprotected MS-PC (I believe XP OS) took an average of 20 minutes on the net to be infected. In response, many ISPs implemented anti-virii software on their servers (Time Warner's Roadrunner for example). Also, the more powerful PCs of today don't get as bogged down when being used remotely to spread the infection. You could still be infected; you just don't know it.<br><br>I wouldn't own any computer without a firewall and anti-virii protection.
      • Yep, he's wrong.

        In one year I spent $1,500. on pc repairs. I finally gave up and paid up front for my protection and purchased a MAC. I've been using my MAC for 6 years and have had NO problems with malware, trojans, virus' etc. However, having said that I do have protection for my MAC other than its just being OSX and any responsible person should do so as well for MAC or PC.

        I love my MAC and would NEVER go back to PC.
        They are expensive but if you are not a computer geek, which I am not, I would recommend to anyone that if you can afford it (I had to save up) get the MAC. They are just so much more user friendly.

        I expect hate posts from those who would like a MAC but can't afford it or don't want to save up like I had to.
        It's worth every penny that I paid ... and I paid a LOT of pennies for it.
        No regrets.
    • clueless apple hater

      it's not a virus, it's a malicious program that tries to trick single users one by one into installing it by giving their password (a trojan). a fundamental difference. please educate yourself on the subject, then come back.
      banned from zdnet
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        @banned from zdnet

        I'm fully aware of the difference between a trojan using trickery to get installed and a virus. Learn the difference between satire and seriousness then come back.
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        I don't think satire means what you think it does.
        You got caught out there using the term virus incorrectly; a faux pax that normally wouldn't matter except that in this case you did it while trying hard to insult people by calling them idiots. (and you were the first to post.)
        Sorry charlie but it is internet trolling 101 to first check your spelling, syntax and diction before starting down that road.
        The rest of us will laugh at you now.
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        You could still be infected; you just don't know it. <a href="">online high school</a> | <a href="">high school diploma</a> | <a href="">online ged</a>
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild

        I wouldn't own any computer without a firewall and anti-virii protection. <a href="">online high school</a> | <a href="">high school diploma</a> | <a href="">online ged</a>
    • Fanboi

      Not sure how the Mac people are fan boys for having a non-virus infected computer, yet the Windows people somehow aren't fan boys even though they are dearly attached to their digital plague of a computer.

      As for anyone dumb enough to believe they're computer is bullet proof, just look at the government and their failures, despite the massive amount of security experts who not only jointly design the environment, but whom each independently test the security.
      • RE: Mac malware in the wild


        Not suggesting all Mac owners are fanbois, just pointing out how fanbois (and it's not a flavour-specific trait) react to anything that could possibly be twisted into a criticism of their favourite OS/hardware.
      • Excellent

        Great example!!
    • RE: Mac malware in the wild

      @bargeemike I think if some one can make <a href="" rel="muse">virus</a> for apple he is such a talent that would take a job anywhere.
  • Cute

    It's very cute you are titling this "Mac malware in the wild" but you actually have to click and install the malware by yourself. But you see, this doesn't work like that on a Win - they use exploits to install malware without your consent or knowledge. That's what we called a virus and trojans 5 years ago.

    Now, apparently, a virus and trojan is just fancy social engineering. Good luck in spreading the FUD. Smart people don't buy it.
    • RE: Mac malware in the wild

      Smart or not I have seen messages that most people take for granted. lets ust say you are expecting a shipment from UPS or fedex. who do send you pdf files with updates about shipping info. An unsuspecting "smart" user coudl open it without thinkng it could be malicious and become infected.
      • PDF about shipping info?

        @campbellj78@... <br><br>First, no one ever sends a PDF with shipping info. <br><br>Second, if someone opened the imaginary PDF in Preview and it contained a malicious package, the user would be notified of an attempt to run software from the Internet and asked for permission to proceed. (Yes, this is how OS X works).<br><br>Third, if they were asked to install something, they would directly that this was an attempt at social engineering.<br><br>Fourth, the dismissal, by Windows apologist, of Mac users as idiots is getting very tiresone.<br><br>Give it a rest.<br><br>This whole example is another attempt by Ed to get clicks and goes beyond desperate to pitiful.