Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

Summary: Astonishingly, the Mac mini Server arrived the very next morning, right after the announcement. That's a first!


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  • Another slide-out view

  • There's the Mac mini server itself, waiting to be removed. It turns out there's no room to stick your fingers in there to get the server out, so it's a little challenging to remove the server without jossling the contents.

  • It's not much bigger than a first generation Apple TV

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David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • Wow.

    Is that what Mac passes for a server these days...
    Not rackmount, single power supply, max 8GB of RAM, single GB card, is there even RAID for those 2 drives? They really should partner with HP and brand some of their equipment as Apple servers, mark them up 40% and call it a day.
    • Same old tired ideas

      They re-badged an IBM Unix server years ago... Better leave the big decisions to Apple, they're doing extremely well without you.
      • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

        @GoPower What about the Mac was a rebadged IBM unix box. The only thing they had in common was the power pc chip which came out of the aim(apple, IBM, motorola) alliance. The os is bsd based from the next os. So again where is the IBM reference. Given all that I wish I could just make it a vm.
      • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

        @JohnPFord I guess you don't remember the ANS 500 and 700, which ran IBM AIX. These machines couldn't boot Mac OS at all because the architecture was IBM and not Apple.
    • RE: Wow.

      @crazydanr@... To be fair, I think this is more geared towards home users who don't need RAID cards or a rack mountable system. Also, this thing probably uses a lot less energy than a traditional server / computer. I have a full tower ATX case stuffed with hard drives that I use a NAS for my <a href="">Windows 7 HTPC</a> and I bet that it uses $10 of electric a month. Though I like the expandability of it, I sometimes think about pairing down and getting a mini or something similar.
  • Serial numbers

    Go pick up a Linksys box, Cisco Box, DLink box, Netgear box - EVERYONE does it. It's useless information out of context.
  • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

    Could we get a few more pics of the empty box after you have taken the mini out? Maybe from other angles?
    • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

      Funniest comment that I have read in ages. Maybe they could also take some moe photos of the used packing tape :-)
  • What's the point of this box?

    What can you use it for? Does it have purpose?
  • Yawn

    OMG THIS IS JUST... Zzzzzzzz
  • Stop Teasing.....

    So where are the photos of you throwing away the packaging? Whoops! I mean recycling the packaging! Come on- the suspense is killing us!
  • Wow II

    must be 3 or 4 good pics here...I especially like the side views of the shipping box.<br><br>@crazydanr: it's called a mini for a good reason.
  • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

    And this might be great for home use,,, but I bet I could do it differently for cheaper!
  • maybe unboxing has a different meaning to me...

    did the damn thing ever get out of it's box? I quit at image 28.

    in my opinion an unboxing is little bit more than just pictures there should be some substance to the article, review, opinions about port placement. This is just pure crap!

    the comment on pic 31 says it all "There's nothing here but air."
  • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

    Must. Resist. Urge. To make comments....... UGH. Can't. Resist.<br><br>The pics were ok (not really I hope whoever took them has a better day job then taking pictures). The comments confuse me. Did you not research the machine before buying it? How did you not know the new Mac Mini didn't have an optical drive? And such that when Lion ships on a machine it won't have any recovery media because there is a recovery partition already on the hard drive. <br><br>Seriously I am beginning to question the intelligence of the writers for ZDNet. Also is the person who wrote the comments so ashamed he/she didn't even put their name on it?
  • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

    WOW, really, 22 photos of packaging. That is really news guys. Another boring day at the office I guess. Please how about some information about the product packed away in all of that cardboard.
  • RE: Mac mini Server with Thunderbolt, unboxing

    Wow. This is why mac boys get a bad rap. A perfectly good machine wrapped around a really dopey set of photos. Tell me how it works rather than worshiping it's hotness in a box.
  • I'm a little surprised.

    First, the unwrap was boring. Second, Apple didn't include a Flash Drive like they do with the MacBook Air (then again, the 2011 MBA probably doesn't come with a backup flash drive either, since there's supposedly an internet restore function).