Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

Summary: Censorship acts like SOPA have rocked the foundations of the Internet community, and now thanks to Wednesday's blackout collaboration more people are aware of the dangers of this legislation. However, people also like to make light of a bad situation, and this selection of memes is the proof.


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  • The creators of this meme called it 'one of the saddest days in history' when Internet users started creating viral memes to mock American legislation, rather than remaining light hearted.

    Wikipedia may be down for the day (although there are ways to get around the blackout), but in order to spread the message, it is worth the inconvenience. For a bill that could strangle free speech, deter investment in digital business, and give too much power to a government, its a fair price if it can make any headway in changing the bill to a sensible option.

    Memes may not be much of a political situation, but we could all use a laugh when faced with the battle of getting the bill firmly in its grave. At least, in its current form. 


    Source: Memebase

  • This Spongebob Square pants meme comments on how many comparisons one can make against bills like SOPA and PIPA, against China's famous Internet firewall. 

    Not only would the bill in its current form potentially destroy any website that had an interactive base -- such as a comment system, or any user-generated content, but it could also create a global 'blacklist' that would be controlled by the U.S. government.


    Source: Memebase

  • The point of many Internet sensation memes is to make a mockery of a topic or idea. 

    This SOPA-inspired image pinpoints the potential hypocrisy of a government that in one breath denounces censorship, and then chooses to introduce it under a different guise. 


    Source: Tumblr

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  • RE: Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

    "I am committed to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to send a bipartisan bill to the White House that saves American jobs and protects intellectual property. ~ Rep Lamar Smith"

    What an incredible load of crap even for an establishment politician. Its is the eveil acts of eveil men like Lamar Smith that lead this country down the road to Tyranny and a total police state if they are not stopped and soon.
  • RE: Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

    I agree 100% with the sympathies expressed but the memes/cartoons are pretty pathetic. Please spare us any more.
  • RE: Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

    Doesn't SOPA translate into German as Seig Heil?
    My history teacher told me about the Nazi Party had been disbanded in 1945, but she obviously was wrong. The jackboots are a'stomping on the Constitution!
    • RE: Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes

    • RE: Making the best of a bad situation - SOPA mocking memes


      Indeed! SOPA means "Sieg Heil!" in German. Meanwhile the Pirate Party entered the parliament in Berlin!
      But even though the Pirate's influence increases, tha problem remains - SOPA is only a little step on the way to the New World Order - the new nazi dictatorship with censored medias and RFID chips under our skin. President Eisenhower warned already 50 years ago of the 'military-industrial complex' - obviously nobody believed, but this tumor is growing.
  • SOPA? Just support your local Pirate Party!

    Censorship will never happen with a strong Pirate Party. Vote as long as you're able to speak one's mind... SOPA is just a part of the New World Order!
  • SOPA = Garbage in Swedish

    The name is very appropriate, indeed. :)