Microsoft Kinect Unboxing

Microsoft Kinect Unboxing

Summary: This is the box the Kinect Sensor comes in. It's a little smaller than I expected, and Microsoft is very careful to call it "Kinect Sensor," rather than just Kinect.

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  • Here you can see the wire bundle, which is a power cord and a USB cable, connected together. The USB cable has a pretty good run, about 8 feet.

  • This is a close-up of the cable set. The plug is a thin-line, so it'll fit in most power strips.

  • This is the device itself. It's a very well-made unit, at least in terms of feel, fit, and finish. It's not Apple-seamless, but it's definitely got a good feel to it.

Topic: Microsoft


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  • RE: Microsoft Kinnect Unboxing

    My guess on the USB jumper is for use if you need to connect it to the USB ports on the front of the Original Xbox 360, if the back USB port is being occupied by the wireless adapter, giving you that extra foot if you need it to get to the front, and if so, perhaps to make it the same color as the other USB adapters like the webcam, and charge cables for ear pieces and controllers. Just a guess.

    If this thing needs 8-feet to work, I have a feeling that this could be problematic for some apartments, and if according to your own testing, needs more than 6-feet like the packaging claims, then potential complaints, and lawsuit could ensue.
    • I'm with you!

      I took out a tape measure and actualy measured out 6 feet - HOLY COW I can't believe how big a space you need!!!
      That's like the height of an average person!! My guess would be that most couches are at most 6 feet away from the TV (I'ts great for the eyes!!)

      6 feet is really a HUGE distance!
      Ron Bergundy
      • I took out a tape measure too,

        @cyberspammer... And it is going to be really tight to actually get it to work in my Apartment. My Apt is 950 sq/ft, 475 on each floor, 2 story, as a result, my living room is roughly a 10X12 foot box. Once you get the furniture in, it doesn't leave a lot of room to use this thing.

        My GF wants to get this thing for our Kids for Christmas, I told her not to expect it to work that great.

        Congratulations to MSFT for making a product that a huge segment of their users are likely are going to have low satisfaction results with.
    • Then buy Apple's equivalent to Kinect!

      Oh. Right.
      • What does Apple have to do with this discussion?

        @NonZealot... Oh. Right. You just need to inject Apple everywhere. Now run back to your bridge.
      • YOU have to do with this discussion

        And you are a well known Apple zealot. My point is that MS has released something that you hate and you have no intention of buying. Got it. We understand. If you are interested in the concept (which you seem to be since it is MS's implementation you seem to detest) then buy Apple's equivalent! I'm sure then you'll be happy!<br><br>Oh. Right.
    • RE: Microsoft Kinnect Unboxing


      Ya, my xbox setup required ALL the parts. The power plug is needed if you have the original xbox 360 (not the newer slim). The USB extension is for the Wireless Adapter on the original xbox if you have one.

      Space is pretty limiting. I guess they assume you live in a McMansion with a huge "Great Room" with Ballroom sized space to play it in. For the most part, I can play the 'Adventures' games as long as I don't need to move "backwards" too much, and most of them have been side-to-side movements. But my space limitation (yup, 6-feet from the sensor to the edge of my couch), prevents 'Adventures' from allowing me to play with two people.
  • Use the right placement

    Using the Top of the TV facing down, I have a completely usable single person at 7 ft. 6 hits the zone where it tells you to step back. You need 8 to 9 for two people. Or raise the sensor up even more. Don't forget you can go into the Kinect menu and fine tune the LOS with the smiley card.
  • RE: Microsoft Kinnect Unboxing

    The separate USB cable is for the newer slimline XBOX 360, it doesn't require a separate power source. It is powered from the USB port on the back of the unit.
    Paul The Red