Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

Summary: Microsoft has predicted the future of computing lies with smart devices in connected rooms that will change their settings according to the person using them.


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  • In addition, devices can interconnect and repurpose themselves according to the user's identity. Here, personalised information from the hotel spreads across a tablet and table, and appears on the displays once the person's phone alarm clock goes off.

    Many of Microsoft's ideas show data flowing across multiple surfaces — technology that follows on from its work on its Surface computer. So far, the company has constructed LightSpace, which turns a 10-foot-by-8-foot room into a single interlinked computer. The ideas at play in this video are much more ambitious, with everything co-ordinated by what seems to be a cloud-syncing operating system.

    Screenshot: Jack Clark

  • Another area where Microsoft predicts an improved future is document editing. Here, the traveller copies data and adds it to other slides without having to step out of the presentation interface.

    Screenshot: Jack Clark

  • Microsoft expects 3D imaging to become prevalent as well. This desktop screen displays a 3D rotating globe for a worker analysing a business's supply chain.

    Screenshot: Jack Clark

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  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    Absolutely awsome!!
    • M$ predicts the future - without laptops and Loverock Davidson

      wow I can hardly wait :-)
      Over and Out
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    scarey..just hook up with Big Brother and all is well! heh
    • indeed..

      "We are only here to help".
      "You have nowhere to go".
      - robot police in George Lucas' 70's movie "THX1138"

      At minimum, this thing better have an 'adult' filter on what's shown on the wall for certain people going into certain hotels!

      This stuff is fantastic and its do-able but this is high cost stuff and I just do not see it becoming commonplace among the masses unless the service lifetime of appliances becomes 20-30 years again, and they are repairable for that long, like it was in the 'old days' of the USA.

      To make this kind of thing really possible, a major shift in manufacturing is needed to stop the short-lifespan we have in consumer goods now. This is not a complaint against manufacturers who want planned obsolescence, but it is a statement supporting the ideas like the "universal cellphone charger" that keeps those little bricks out of the landfill. But it is not an ecology-nut statement either.

      In the context of this article and these pictures, I'm trying to be thoughtful and suggest that manufacturers of appliances develop common "modules" that are of the same dimension and with same power connections etc., and that these dimensions (electrical and physical and BTU-wise dimensions, etc are well thought out and the dimensions are kept for decades) 10 different models of product could use 3 or 4 'sizes' of module(s).

      It's not so that when the fridge is broken a Samsung cooling unit can be slid out and exchanged during a repair for a GE one, but so that the 20 year old Samsung fridge can be repaired by exchanging a new/rebuilt Samsung common cooling module and the old module taken back to be rebuilt (haha yes in the USA or whatever local country, or state) or if necessary scrapped. This sort of progressive design thinking needs to be stepped up and implemented because it will benefit everyone including the manufacturer and also the citizenry. In some ways, this is already done in commercial gear. Consider the machine outside the convenience store that has bags of ice in it. The little box on the top, the "condensing unit", is -almost- a universally replaceable module, and there are about 20 varieties, and that practice has been going on for decades. You order a "13500 BTU F-22 condenser" and slide it into the little enclosure and sweat the tubing in.

      I hope I have not gone too far astray from the topic and I apologize for focusing on refrigeration, but my goal here is to suggest that changes to the way things are made, towards a goal of making them to be serviced and last as long as the house, etc, will ultimately help the technology shown here to become truly universal and widespread. The sooner the better.
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    Sweet dreams...
    If the worldwide economic recession goes on we'll fight over the water and gasoline, not on PCs.
    • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

      @mazarin07 LOL - nice view there chicken little.
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    They could by-pass all that by just building the 3D and the keyboard etc into the glasses, no need for any of the other devices! Why have display screen windows in a taxi when your glasses can do the same thing, only more privately! Why carry a tablet and a phone when your glasses can display all that and make your calls too? Just need a projector for each eye and a camera to sense finger position for the keyboarding and the world around you!
    • True

      @leopards -about the displays, but on the keyboards, I'm not sure I can get around not having a real leyboard when entering a lot of text, that is, doing real work. I've tried touch screen keys and also 'projected' keys on a desk didn't like them. Whatever the eventual interface, it has to work for those who do a lot of 'work'!

      I think they left out something from the slides - -voice commands?
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    I imagine that Microsoft's planning is much more on the forfront of how technmical devices will evolve in the 5-10 year time span they discuss. The ideas in the video are intruiging and fun to watch.

    But the ideas are only a straight-line extension of existing technology. In other words, the video illustrates "thinking inside the box."

    A company like Microsoft has to be thinking much more creatively than they would like us, and the competition, to realize. for example:

    1) Using screens and images will become passe. 3D holographic interfaces will replace the need for "things" that we need to hold in our hands.

    2) Use of the binary system of computing is archaic. We started using each bit or byte to represent 1s and 0s in the 1940s. Quantum computing will change the essence of what computers can accomplish

    etc. etc.

    The future is both invigorating and scary. Microsoft realizes this. And so do the folks sitting in their garages working 20-hour days.
  • Welcome it's Halloween

    That would mean end of the world where everything has to follow Microsoft and similar companies located in U.S

    Think it's time for United states starting to collaborate with the rest of the world instead of just show how BIG they are all the time. These suggested things has a quite hugh value when it comes to collecting statistic data and knowledge in what happens. A kind of spy we don't want believe into just because we bought it from the beginning.
    USA the master of the world:P

    Sounds like the German Reich or third reich, as before it's about power and status and rule the world.
    Come on Americans, don't you think we know what you trying to achieve and accomplish, please don't be so naive.
    • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

      Dude.. get a life and get real.. wow
    • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

      Forgot to take your pills today?
    • Please.

      More then just a wee bit over the top.

      "Come on Americans, don't you think we know what you trying to achieve and accomplish"

      A very odd comment to say the least. First off, this article is not dealing with politics or political leaders or political ambitions. Its dealing with technology. Its dealing with business. By the nature of this article what one can determine in so far as what America is "trying to do" is very similar to what most countries in the world are trying to do. And that is businesses in America are trying to find new ways to make money. Fortunately making lots of money seldom, if ever is able to go hand in hand very long with soldiers goose stepping down the streets beside parades of tank convoys.

      Depending on how one looks at it, fortunately or unfortunately, companies looking to make profits these days are not very nationalistic in their profit seeking. In fact they are only political in so far as one politicians policies may help them make more profits over the policies of another. And it pretty much ends for most companies after that. Some will point out that there are some big companies that make arms and munitions and have a strong profiteering motive to see armed aggression take place so their products get used up and the are called on to make more, but unfortunately even the U.S. cannot afford enough arms and munitions to rule the world, and wars of any decent size just screw up too much other profiteering for all the other companies so in the long doesn't work for long.

      Every country in the world is trying to make money. That is the businesses and people that work and run them are trying to make money. An yes, there are quite a number of American companies that are quite good at it. But again, they no longer simply stop at the shoreline. Nor does any company of any size around the world.

      "it's time for United states starting to collaborate with the rest of the world"

      They do. They have for years. Remember, this article is about business, and businesses have collaborated across boarders for ages.

      You can always point at a country like the U.S. and say plenty of negative things, but the clear unabashed truth is when it comes to America, what they really want t do is really only one thing. Make lots of money. And they know they cant do that in a world where war runs rampant or terrorism is creating chaos and instability.

      They also know its incredibly hard to do it in a world where too many countries are broke and cannot afford their goods. The long and short of it is that the real goal of the U.S. is to see a world where there is no war or terrorism and all countries have a sizable G.N.P. spread with some evenness through each countries population so that American companies can sell everyone truck loads of their products and Americans can make lots of profits.

      While on one hand, it may sound a little greedy, there are a vast number of wonderful things that run hand in hand with that kind of policy and in the end its a hell of a lot better than what some countries around the world seem to feel is a better goal.

      Unfortunately creating a world without significant human strife in order to maximize profits isn't an easy task. Right now, it doesn't even seem like a possible task.

      But claiming the U.S. is trying to take over the world is simply an inaccuracy of monstrous proportions. They are just trying to find a way for you to start making enough money so you can purchase a bunch of their $hit.
  • Didn't Pixar make a movie about this.

    Wall-e? We'll be fat and happy (Maybe).
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    I fully expect that in 20 years all the TV's in our homes will be giant, intelligent touchscreen "tablet" or "surface" devices and we'll look back in amazement at the time when we had all these 40" screens scattered about the hose that did nothing but stream TV shows.
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)


    <b>"Dude.. get a life and get real.. wow"</b>

    Sure but that includes U.S letting nations living on their own privileges without U.S influences, don't look that way.


    <b>"Forgot to take your pills today?"</b>
    psychiatrists & tablets, don't need it for the moment Buddy
  • RE: Microsoft predicts the future - without laptops (photos)

    If we're dealing with transparent overlays, they missed one: automobiles. Imagine instead of a GPS, you have a line drawn in the direction you should go, highlighting exits and the like, as well as helping you keep track of other vehicles in bad conditions.

    Granted, all that is moot if Google gets their car working in the large scale.