Microsoft Teched conference bags down the years

Microsoft Teched conference bags down the years

Summary: Are you going to Teched Orlando next week? Are you looking forward to getting your conference bag to add to your collection of tech memorabilia from your trip? Here is a collection of every Microsoft Teched conference bag since TechEd Europe began in 1994. Track the addition of external sponsor and product team logos as the converence evolves and grows.

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  • A collection of conference bags given to delegates at TechEd Europe since its inception in 1994.

    All of these bags are owned by consultant Peter Bryant who has been to every TechEd in Europe since the conference began. All of the bag inserts, such as flyers, CDs, T-shirts and other giveaways are in the bags.



    All photo credits Peter Bryant

  • The average age of the population in Bournemouth lowered this week as Teched held its first European conference here.  There were about 900 attendees at the event.

    Chicago was announced and attendees had to sign a 'proper' paper NDA before the session.

  • Not many speakers from Redmond made it over to Hamburg for this event.

    Launch of Access 1.0

Topic: Travel Tech

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