Microsoft's Cloud OS Dream Team: Who's Who

Microsoft's Cloud OS Dream Team: Who's Who

Summary: Microsoft hand-picked a core group of top engineers to develop its Red Dog cloud operating system. Here's the who's who list.


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  • Khalidi, a distributed-computing specialist, is overseeing the work on Azure's clustering and fabric-controller components.

    Before joining the Azure team, Khalidi led an advanced development team in Windows that tackled a number of related operating-system areas, including application model, resource management, and isolation. He also served as a member of the Windows Core Architecture group. Prior to joining Microsoft, Khalidi was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he worked for 14 years. At Sun, he was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect of Solaris; Chief Architect and Director of the Sun Cluster line; Chief Architect of Sun's N1 utility-computing initiative; and principal architect of the Solaris MC and Spring operating systems.

  • Proebsting oversees technical strategy for Azure. Before that he was a director in Microsoft's Center for Software Excellence, leading a team building binary technology tools and platforms. He also created and led efforts to deploy "prediction markets" inside Microsoft for business-intelligence purposes. Before becoming part of various product groups, Proebsting was a senior researcher with Microsoft Research, managing a programming-language research group. Proebsting was an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, has worked as a developer at a startup and also as an employee of Sun Microsystems.

  • Rana, a 14-year Microsoft vet, is spearheading cloud infrastructure services in Azure. Among the technologies with which he and his team are working: Distributed monitoring and analysis systems; program analysis infrastructures; tools for correctness, performance, testing and diagnosis; and security of distributed systems. Rana started the Programmer Productivity Research Center Reliability Research Group working on static program analysis tools like PREfix, PREfast and ESP. In 2005, he was appointed to head up Vista Engineering, leading the "Longhorn Reset" planning, Windows build architecture and Vista Quality Gates efforts.

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