Most used apps on the iPad 3

Most used apps on the iPad 3

Summary: The new iPad with the Retina Display already has a wealth of apps available to take advantage of the iPad's strengths.

TOPICS: Apps, iPad, Mobility

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  • I use the Evernote service on every computer and mobile device I use, and the iPad app is as good as they get. I can capture all sorts of information, from notes, photos, voice memos and online content.

    Once in the Evernote cloud my information is accessible on every device, and I am frequently accessing it on the iPad with the great app.

    I must admit I did not believe I would use the new camera in the iPad 3 much, but Evernote makes it a one click affair to capture images and other information using the camera. I am using it quite a bit as a result.


  • A list of most-used iPad apps has to include Tweetbot, as I am frequently on Twitter using the app. The display is stunning and easy to read, and the touch interface makes it my favorite way to use Twitter.


  • I capture a lot of information online to read when I have time, and Instapaper is a great way to do so. I can flag any web page or article for Instapaper, and find it waiting for me in the iPad app when I am ready to read it. 

    The app interface is very good, and the service works with other iPad apps allowing me to capture information from those apps for reading here.


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Topics: Apps, iPad, Mobility

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  • That's not Read It Later

    That's Instapaper.
    • Here's a better list
  • If those

    If those are the best apps. available, I'll pass.
    • Reading comprehension?

      Do you have a reading comprehension problem? The title says the most used, not the best there is to offer.
  • Air Display wonderful - if it works!

    I really like the Air Display app - but beware that it doesn't work on a whole class of MacBooks that have the dual graphics displays. And they've given up on fixing it, so if you bought it, you are out of luck until you upgrade your MacBook. So I wouldn't count on solid technical support from Avatron, or for them to keep pace with the updates released by Apple. Sad story for an app with such promise.
  • Most used apps on my new iPad 3

    Other than the basic included apple apps, my list is in relative order of use:

    USA Today
    Surf Report
    Theodolite HD

    Use all of them every day. Not bad for a beach living, sports fan grandpa still doing consulting work.
    • list

      My list would include

      Angry Bird
      Garage Band
      Pocket Cloud
      ThinServer Win7
  • Misleading headline

    Should be "James Kendrick's most used apps".
  • Great list, with one complaint

    Could whoever writes your website please use ajax to load the stupid slide show so it doesn't repost the whole web page EVERY time!!!!!! I thought you were a tech company? (And don't give some lame excuse like wanting to load more ads)
    • I agree

      "please use ajax to load the stupid slide show so it doesn't repost the whole web page EVERY time!!!!!!"
      Thank you
  • Missing Something?

    Hows about a magnifying lens to read text when not in 24pt font?
  • Facetime

    "Facetime is a nice video chat app, but most of my contacts are running Skype so that is what I use most."

    Agreed. I don't use Facetime - because nobody I know has it. They all have Skype.

    Despite all of the ravings by Mac/iOS fans about Facetime - sorry, but the reality is that not being available on PCs and other phones holds it back as a real alternative to Skype.
    • Ravings?

      Maybe I missed them but for the most part the only time I hear any comments about Facetime is from somebody trying to knock it, not fans raving about it.
  • News stories that don't even get product names right...says a lot really.

    Most used Apps on the NEW IPAD. It isn't that hard to get a product name right is it?
  • Give him a break

    He's white and educated in the US. Cut him a little slack.
  • New iPad

    What is the iPad 3? Get it right! There is no ipad 3 and don't post back the entire page.
  • letters to the author rudeness

    What is with all the nastiness online?..People..chill out! If you talked to your kids that way, they might turn into serial killers or at least think that you are well..not nice..It is not the end of the world to call the new iPad the 3...Whether Apple likes it or not..that is what people do call it. It is like being told by Adobe not to use the word Photoshop as a verb...or like telling the wind not to blow too hard...Nature, I will go back to my iPad 3 which yesterday I discovered on it that a 5 finger salute brings it to the homepage. If any complaint can be made is that Apple chose not to give me a little intro on the iPad or a manual so that I would know how all the gestures work and when. Because of that I will keep calling my iPad the iPad 3. I willend this note just that way..with a finger salute lol
    • The haters hate

      Agreed, this forum seems to attract some over the top reactions. James is actually one of the most experienced bloggers on mobile tech world wide.
  • Infomercials at their weakest!!

    A sorry list followed with price AppStore links. Really?! No free apps at all?!
  • understandable instructions

    I love the iPad. I love most of the apps, especially the good "free" ones.
    My big problem and complaint is the "excluded or (included?)" instructions of how to use some of those darn apps?
    Any good suggestions? Thanks in advance!