Must-have apps for the iPad (Spring 2012 edition)

Must-have apps for the iPad (Spring 2012 edition)

Summary: The new iPad with the Retina Display is great, but only if you have the right apps. These apps are as good as they get.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • When you think of games you can't miss Angry Birds, and the latest version is the best of the series by far. The birds move to space in Angry Birds Space, and the addition of multiple gravity wells make it the toughest version to date.

    The gameplay requires careful thought, more so than past versions, and the game makes passing time on the iPad a real joy.

    $2.99, with additional levels available through in-app purchase for $0.99.

  • When you think of video calls on the iPad, the first thing that comes to mind is Facetime. That's a good app, but Skype is the standard by which video calls are measured. Skype on the iPad is a great way to communicate with coworkers and family members, and I use it daily.

    The quality of the video and audio are outstanding using Skype on the iPad, and it has become my preferred method to use Skype.

    Note the image above is deliberately blurred due to lack of permission to show the caller.


  • There is nothing like GarageBand on other tablets, and it's great for musicians and wannabes. The app makes it possible to create sophisticated compositions on the fly, and even simple goofing off can produce amazing results.

    It's like having a virtual orchestra at your command, and a bargain.


Topics: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • A great selection, James.

    May I suggest one more educational app that showcases the iPad's potential for truly innovative learning. The name of this app is "Nova Elements".

    It is a fun, interactive way for a student to learn basic chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements. David Pogue narrates the various sections of this free app from the PBS show "Nova".

    There is one section where a student can graphically build an element from protons, neutrons and electrons. Of course, choosing the correct numbers of each sub atomic particle is required. (For those that forgot their high school chemistry, there is a cheat button that will build your chosen element correctly).

    Needless to say, I highly recommend this app.
    • Question: Would the app be just as effective if on other devices?

      Just wondering why it "showcases the iPad's potential for truly innovative learning". Does it use some exclusive property of the iPad? Or is it just because it is only available on the iPad?

      I am just trying to differentiate whether the kudos are correctly placed. If the app does not use anything specific about the iPad, then the "potential for truly innovative learning" is really attributable totally to the application rather than the hardware.

      I just seems that the hardware is getting too much credit for other people's work.
  • Twitter

    I like Tweetcaster....
  • Great Selection, Don't forget iTunes U

    One of My favorites is iTunes U. This app is a whole world unto itself with experts from thousands of institutions giving brief personal lectures to hour long symposiums and panel discussions. Oxford and Cambridge Universities from the UK, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cinematheque Francais, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, NASA . The variety is mind boggling and grows every day. Kahn Academy, TEDTalks are included as well. Makes Wikipedia as great as it may be, look like Cliff Notes. Almost every conceivable facet of knowledge is covered in a personal often idiosyncratic way. As the speakers are brilliant and often eccentric, what they have to say is rarely dull. This app deserves it own review. So far everything in iTunes U is free !
  • my apps

    My apps makes ipad into something like netbook. I use Pocket Cloud to access my PC running ThinServer XP