Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

Summary: ZDNet Asia picks out top apps across four mobile platforms--iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone--to put some organization into your life.


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  • We live in an increasingly mobile world in which work is no longer limited to one's office and employees work on-the-go more often than not. As such, ZDNet Asia has compiled a selection of useful mobile apps handy to boost one's productivity and efficiency.

    Use this mindmapping tool to better see the big picture without having to search frantically for a whiteboard. Add topics, change the shape of the mindmap, create notes and pick colors for different subjects--all at your fingertips.

    "I have random ideas for work all the time but this really helps me consolidate everything," Jessica Chua, advertising executive said.

    For: iOS devices; US$7.99

    All photos and captions by Ellyne Phneah

  • Calvetica syncs with the preinstalled iOS calendar to make remembering events and notes that much faster and easier. Two steps are all it takes to create an event. It is also possible to see the full week's or day's appointments at one glance. Best part is, the sleek interface makes one's hectic week look that much more manageable.

    For: iOS devices; US$0.99

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  • Ridiculous

    Almost all of these apps can be done natively on any droid just using Gmails apps.
    • Take a look past the first page... many are Android apps

      • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

        @halfmoonunit LOL...
    • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

      @neuclix Which Gmail app does mind mapping? Thx!
      • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers


        I use thinkingspace pro or mindjet app.

        G Khalsa
    • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

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  • BlackBerry Verisons

    Just asking ...
    Too Old For IT
  • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

  • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

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  • RE: Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

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