New cap placed over Gulf oil spill - will it work? (photos)

New cap placed over Gulf oil spill - will it work? (photos)

Summary: A new cap is now almost in place over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be two days before its success can be determined.

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  • Workers prepare to lower a new cap that will hopefully stop or at least slow down oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. As of 7:00 AM PT on Tuesday, the cap has been placed over the spill and workers are attempting to put it into place. BP is currently testing the plug and says it will know in two days how successful it will be.

  • Although there were some reports that the leak had stopped, live images on Tuesday morning showed they were premature.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • RE: New cap placed over Gulf oil spill - will it work? (photos)

    Tough spot BP, I wish you weren't out so far the whole situation is ridiculous. I hope you succeed. Post this maybe we can help?

    THE MILLION GULFERS MARCH and SPILL ONTO WASHINGTON DC @ Facebook are two separate groups that have joined forces with each other. We are not a political movement. We are concerned individuals living at ground zero, from across the country and around the world. We know politics can?t and won?t help serve or save us. We try to keep political thoughts private, quiet and as individuals to our selves. Politics is not our issue. We are all together a product of this massive BP Gulf oil spill. We are not asking for money, we are not accepting donations. We welcome your thoughts and ideas we want your good ideas and your voice. Please join us, march with us and along the way help create,form and build obtainable workable solution(s). Please post your ideas and thoughts at MILLION GULFERS MARCH or SPILL ONTO WASHINGTON DC. @
    A Final thought. We want and hope that you will join with us to help find a solution to this ongoing and growing catastrophe. So it will be less likely or better yet never happen again. Once again we aren?t asking for money we are not taking donations. We do want your good ideas and your voice. We hope that you will join us to add your voice and march with us for a greater in common good. Unanimously it seems ?right now? that BP screwed up for what ever reason, it happened, it?s here. One million people can give one million opinions we all should want to work together to find a workable solution. Not every body will get exactly what they think they want. The fact is, what we are working with right now, isn?t working at this well so well. That may sound odd or funny it?s not a joke by any means and could the key to this lock.

    Petroleum products will and are going to be used. We can cut down. One day maybe we wont use it at all? I don?t know how, but maybe.

    Making this product unnecessarily more dangerous and harder to collect is stupid and obviously very costly. Nobody is going to agree to make it a planetary illegal substance to obtain or use it. If so who?s going to do it? So.
    Be the person to figure out number one.