New features in Opera 10 release candidate

New features in Opera 10 release candidate

Summary: Opera Software opens the curtain on the release candidate of Opera 10 with a bunch of new features to make it faster and more productive.

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  • Web developer tools are improved, allowing you to edit the DOM and inspect HTTP headers.

    Credit: Opera Software

  • Opera 10 also lets you chose your skin.

    Credit: Opera Software?

Topic: Browser

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  • improvements

    I'm not dumping my firefox just because Opera has a few new bells and whistles. I've been using fast-dial for some time now as a plug in. I'd like to see the run time reports on the speed improvements rather just saying it's 40% faster. I can make firefox 40% faster just by making some cache tweaks. So where's the beef?
    • Improvements -- as in slick improvements

      The beef? Well, it's slick and everything is there from the 'get-go' and in my language at that.

      Minutes ago I installed it on both my laptop XP-machine and my Ubuntu-machine with no tweaking or anything like that. Vmware'd Suse, Win7 et al soon to follow. Opera sync'em and I'm done.

      I believe that's 'the beef' most of us are looking for.


  • RE: (New features in Opera 10 release candidate)

    what are the great changes which others don't have already!?
  • Great! ...for the 5 or so people that care. [nt]

  • RE: (New features in Opera 10 release candidate)

    Opera is awesome!
    I mean now I can download in parallel while I 'm Browsing (Ive got sad speeds - 256kbps!)
    Copparam Harsha
  • RE: (New features in Opera 10 release candidate)

    Yeah right!
    Opera is way faster and I don't have to go around looking for addons and you got to know how to tweak your browser
    Copparam Harsha
  • RE: (New features in Opera 10 release candidate)

    no body else has a turbo and in case you dint know opera started most of the features(speed dial, throw out a tab to make a new window, and block content and it has turbo compressin g webpages to make the loading time lesser, which no else has and you dont need add ons to get the best of this browser) so shut up and admit it's the best around and that you don't know how to tweak it !
    Copparam Harsha
    • opera the best browser

      completely true and i also agree that opera is world best browser features like MonkeyScripts geastures,dwnload manager, notes,Wand etc are still not available in other browser.

      and now i think opera should add a developer Tools like IE8 and a internal tab manager like chrome have indicating tab CPU, memory usage.
  • Note to authors

    "Opera 10 adds an inline spell-checker to catch misteaks
    [sic] in several languages."

    Please tell me that was supposed to be ironic.