New iPad vs. iPhone 4s (camera test)

New iPad vs. iPhone 4s (camera test)

Summary: A gallery of photos comparing the camera quality of the Apple iPad (third-generation) to the Apple iPhone 4s.


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  • Bricks

    According to Apple, the 5-megapixel camera on the back of their New iPad (third-generation) uses the same five-element lens system and digital processing as their successful iPhone 4S.

    To put this claim to the test, we shot a number of indoor and outdoor photos on both devices to see the difference for ourselves.

    In this first example, you'll see a photo of bricks taken with the iPad (left) and the iPhone 4S (right). Can you spot any differences in detail, color or clarity? Neither could we.
  • Admiral Sackbar & friend

    For this indoor photo, we photographed our beloved cubicle mascot, Admiral Sackbar and his armpit-sniffing woodland companion.

    The iPad photo is on the top, with the iPhone version is below it. You'll notice that the iPhone photo is slightly closer, and tricks the camera into a shallower focus. This was an unintentional, but recurring quirk, caused by how we naturally wanted to hold each device and view its screen.

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  • iPhone versus iPad for pictures.

    Viewing the samples of the photos in this article, it seems that the iPhone produces closer and more saturated photos. While this is pleasing to some, I like the increased depth of field and more natural color of the iPad photos. If I wanted to sharply focus on the subject and blur the background, I'll use my digital SLR.