New iPad vs. iPhone 4s (camera test)

New iPad vs. iPhone 4s (camera test)

Summary: A gallery of photos comparing the camera quality of the Apple iPad (third-generation) to the Apple iPhone 4s.


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  • Flower focus

    Here we have a close-up of some flowers with the ipad on the left and the iPhone 4S shot on the right. In both cases, the tap-to-focus feature brought the foreground flowers into a shallow focus. If there's a reason the iPad photo looks a little sharper, I'd credit the fact that the large screen made it much easier to identify that the shot was in focus and framed well.

  • Indoor portrait

    CNET's Dong Ngo poses for a portrait in the windowless subterranean dungeon known as CNET Labs. Again, we have the iPad photo on the top and the iPhone 4S photo below it. In both instances the built-in face detection and autofocus worked as advertised.

  • Old Cadillac

    This photo of an old Cadillac demonstrates how identical the iPad's camera (top) and iPhone 4S (bottom) really are under some conditions.

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  • iPhone versus iPad for pictures.

    Viewing the samples of the photos in this article, it seems that the iPhone produces closer and more saturated photos. While this is pleasing to some, I like the increased depth of field and more natural color of the iPad photos. If I wanted to sharply focus on the subject and blur the background, I'll use my digital SLR.