Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Summary: Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo's next-generation home console. The Wii U has a revolutionary new controller with a built-in screen, camera, and much more!

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  • The Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo's next-generation home console. Read all about it via the accompanying ZDNet article, located here!

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  • The Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo's next-generation home console. Read all about it via the accompanying ZDNet article, located here!

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Topic: Open Source

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  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    We are casual gamers, I'm hoping you can buy just the console at a decent price and skip the controllers... ipad app might be ok
    • RE: Nintendo Wii U


      Not picking on you in particular, but just wanted to bring up that when Nintendo originally released the Wii, the controller/nunchuck controller setup was almost universally derided. Then, after a while, it was praised for bringing a fresh, new approach to controllers. The same thing may happen to this new controller. Just like with the original, Nintendo seems to have applied some decent engineering to it (i.e. the way the stylus is stored in the back). Give it time.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    Unless they could sell the controllers cheap I don't see this appealing to casual gamers, not to mention how intimidating (and easy to drop...!) that thing looks.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    Man, for being so innovative Nintendo sure is making an ugly and clunky-looking system this time around. Those controllers are atrocious. :(

    Nintendo, why??
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    Oh, and mix and matching with other controllers? Won't that be confusing for a lot of people? I mean, this is supposed to dip into the same market as the Xbox Kinect, right? Isn't the Kinect's appeal hinging on the fact that you don't need to worry about peripherals anymore?

    Didn't they try to do this with the Genesis/Gamegear once? Or with the Wii/DS? Aren't those markers really just too small for a new system altogether?
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    the wii was a fun little gaming system for casual/party gaming, I'll give it that.. I wish Nintendo would at least TRY and retake the spotlight in the real gaming world though... even if it's not possible. Yes, what really matters in games is the level of fun and gameplay... nintendo, you are great at that- so just TRY giving us a console that keeps that but gives us power, graphics etc too. I'd like to get past "the age of the gimmick" now... give us innovation in general home entertainment integration etc, not in the wacky controller space...
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    Would be nice if it game the option to play DS games, using your TV as the top/non-touch screen. Wouldn't be ideal for some games that need to span across both screens as one continuous picture, but would be nice for a lot of them.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    I don't like Super Mario Mii... I mean at least you can still use Mario etc., but allowing Miis into the reality just doesn't sit well with me. There are no humans that look like Miis in Mario, they don't mesh with the art style, I want to see mario artwork in a mario game.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    I think the dreamcast console had a better idea by having a small lcd screen on their optional vmu. The controller was still a standard size that most gamers prefer. Nintendo's new wii controller seems be better suited for standalone portable gameplay like PSP. In fact, I prefer to play some gamecube games on the wii simply because i can use a regular controller which is hard to find in wireless form.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii U

    Just might be a bullet at Sony's PS Vi<b>S</b>ta, only time will tell :) Still got my Slim 2000 n access to 1M games at the cost of 1 :p