Offbeat laptop sleeves at Barry's Farm

Offbeat laptop sleeves at Barry's Farm

Summary: Looking for a laptop sleeve that will turn heads at the office or at the local coffee bar on weekends? Barry's Farm has the wacky laptop sleeve market all sewn up.

TOPICS: Laptops, Hardware

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  • New designs from Barry's Farm include this wacky robot sleeve, which can be customized with your favorite goofy expression.

    Photo courtesy of Barry's Farm.
  • Barry's Farm sleeves can be custom-fit to your laptop's precise dimensions.

    Photo courtesy of Barry's Farm.
  • Whether you miss the '80s or missed them altogether, now you can proudly proclaim your geek chic by wearing a keytar on your sleeve.

    Read our exclusive interview with the founders of Barry's Farm.

    Photo courtesy of Barry's Farm.

Topics: Laptops, Hardware

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  • I like the monster!

    There are so many possibilities with those sleeves, it's a shame they aren't doing more with it.

    What I'd like to see is a plain sleeve you can have customized with your own artwork/photo...
  • RE: Keytar laptop sleeve from Barry

    That monster sleeve is a hoot! Too bad the server was down when I went to the website, I had my credit card in hand.